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television and film appearances



date programme role availability
  Worthington-E commercials    
  Documentary for The Co-op    
  South America Journey (BFI) Humolotin, dir. Jonathan Curling  
  Second City Firsts (BBC)    
  Race to the North (BBC)    
  Con Permiso    
  No Pity (NFTS) Ken, dir. Jan Sargent  
1974 Likely Lads Christmas Special    
1974 Village Hall (Granada) 'Friendly Encounter' Andy Carter  
1975 The Stars Look Down (Granada) 'Useful Employment' David Tracy  
1975 When the Boat Comes In - 'Paddy Boyle's Discharge' (BBC) Sid Hepburn available on video and DVD
1976 Three Days in Szcecin (Granada) 'Strike Committee' Golaszevski  
1977 This Year, Next Year (Granada) (9 episodes) Lawrence Schofield  
1978 Play of the Week - Night People (BBC) Paul  
1978 The Sweeney - 'Hearts and Minds' (Euston films) second detective frequent repeats on satellite.
1978 Target - 'Promises' (BBC) Scott  
1978 The Professionals - 'Fall Girl' (London Weekend Television) third security man available on video and dvd, frequent repeats on satellite.
1979 Shoestring - 'Listen to Me' (BBC) Stan Burnham occasional repeats on satellite. To be released on DVD in 2005.
1979 If Only We'd Known (BBC) (3 episodes)    
1979 Angels (BBC)   has been shown on satellite, no plans to repeat it
1980 Juliet Bravo - 'Oscar' (BBC) D.C. Timothy Daniels 'Danny' occasional repeats on satellite.Available on DVD .
1981 Commitments (BBC) Will  
1981 McBride Reading Crime - 'Knife Edge'(Granada) Dave  
1981 Bergerac - 'See You In Moscow' (BBC) Gregori frequent repeats on UK Gold. Available on DVD.
1983 For Four Tonight (London Weekend Television)
(6 episodes)
Tony Royale  
1984 Squaring the Circle (BBC) Mdzelevski  
1984 Class Of His Own Andrew  
1984 Blue Money (London Weekend Television) Ramirez available on video
1984 Crown Court ( 3 episodes)    
1984 The Prisoner of Zenda (London Weekend Television) Black Michael  
1985 ? Bulman (Granada) D.S. Ned Cottan  
1985 C.A.T.S. Eyes 'My Father Knew Lloyd Mbotu' (TVS Television) Alan Jackson  
1986 Dempsey and Makepeace 'Wheelman'(Golden Eagle Films/London Weekend Television) Mickey the Shiv frequent repeats on satellite. Series 1 is available on DVD.
1986 Eastenders - 'Bank Business' ,'Friend needed' and 'The Gasmen'(BBC) Trevor Smith repeats on UK Gold
1986 FMI Service reception training    
1988 Boon - 'Unto Us Four A Son' (Central) Cormack occasional repeats on satellite. Available on DVD.
1988 Bust 'Weekend Break' (London Weekend Television) Tony Underwood  
1988 Casualty 'Inferno' (BBC) Paul repeats on UK Gold
1989 Coronation Street (Granada) Nick Cavanagh repeats on UK Gold
1989 A Night on the Tyne (BBC)    
1989 Tumbledown (BBC) Tug has been repeated once.
1990 Inspector Morse 'The Secret of Bay 5b' (Carlton/Granada) George Henderson available on dvd and video; repeats on ITV3
1990 The Bill 'University Challenge' (Thames) Joey Buchan repeats on UK Gold
1991 Falling for Love: Made in Heaven (Granada) Robert  
1992 In Suspicious Circumstances 'The Man Who Melted Away' (Granada) The Man repeats on satellite.
1992 The Jazz Detectives (HTV) D.I. Dowler  
1992 Born Kicking (BBC) Eddie Lang  
1992 Sitting Pretty (BBC) 'Daddy's Home' and 'Starting Over' Justin  
1992 The Bill 'Spit and Polish' (Thames) Malcolm Cooper repeats on UK Gold

Bad Company

Jimmy Robinson
Obituary of Jimmy Robinson here
1993 Vicious Circle Dave  
1994 The Bill 'Clubbing Together!' (Thames) George Rice repeats on UK Gold
1994 The Healing (BBC) Preacher  
1994 Peak Practice 'Enemy Within' (Carlton) Martin Keel repeats on satellite, available on DVD
1995 Dangerfield series 1 and 2 (BBC) D.I. Ken Jackson repeats on UK Gold
1997 Wokenwell (London Weekend Television) Clive Munson  
1997 Backup 'Not Cricket'(BBC) Jennings  
1997 Wing and a Prayer (Thames/Channel 5)(11 episodes) Michael Freeman  
1998 Cadfael - The Holy Thief (Carlton/Central) Prior Herluin available on video and DVD, repeats on Hallmark
1999 - 2003 Holby City series 1 to 4 (BBC) Anton Meyer repeats on UK Gold
2000 Christmas Songs of Praise (BBC)from Wells Cathedral reader  
2005 Dalziel and Pascoe (BBC) Robin Blake/Stuart Mills available on DVD
2006 Antonio's Breakfast (Sister Films) Paul  
2006 The Best Man(ITV) John Miller  
2006 Things to do Before you're Thirty (Samuelson Films) Montgomery  
2007 The Tudors William Kingston available on DVD
2009 Doctors Graham Douglas  
2010 Moving On Mr Georgeson  

George has also done numerous voiceovers for documentaries, trailers, and advertisements.
These include Roswell - final declassification, The Real Winona Ryder, a Patrick Stewart biography,Ancient Olympics - let the Games begin,Thermopylae - Gates of Fire, trailers for Watching the Detectives and Jason and the Argonauts, and British Gas and Twinings Tea ads, and a short film called 'Indecision' made by Leeds Metropolitan University, to name but a few.
His radio appearances include plays and short stories , such as Tiger Slayer, Mansize in Marble and From the Dead, broadcast version of 'Poor Beast in the Rain', in which he also appeared on stage (see theatre appearances) 'At the Foot of the Cross' broadcast for Easter 2006, and The Orchestra in 2010.

He has recently recorded 'Churchill (Life & Times)' by Sebastian Haffner, available on cd.